Role: Design and web front-end

Jul 2012

Foli is a platform for Print-to-Digital transition at business venues. Users could access the latest premium digital magazines and the unique content created by the business owners while enjoying a coffee at their favorite café, waiting for the flight at the airport, lounging poolside at the hotel, or getting a pedicure at the spa.



This is a product I worked with several engineers part-timely. I was the sole designer on the team and designed the iOS apps, marketing website and collaterals. I also worked as a web developer to develop the website. In addition, I used InDesign digital publishing suite to create the interactive magazines for several major Foli Partners such as Four Seasons Hotel and InterContinental San Francisco.

Foli App

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Imagine accessing all the latest premium digital magazines for Free while waiting for your flight at the airport, lounging poolside at your hotel, getting a pedicure at the spa or enjoying a coffee at your favorite cafe. With Foli, there are no passwords, pay-walls, or annoying Ads to click out of. Simply launch Foli to enjoy all premium magazines immediately at participating Foli partner locations.

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Foli Concierge

Foli Concierge helps Foli partners generate beautiful interactive multimedia digital content in their Foli stores, which helps their customers better know about their services, make a request, get great local recommendations and insights, and make reviews on TripAdvisor or Yelp.

Foli Marketing Site