Nokia Research

Role: UX design & research, Video design

Jun 2008 - Jul 2009

I worked at Nokia Research in Beijing as a UX designer. My team was focus on the growth market and natural language processing. Back in 2008, before Siri, Google Now and Cortana, we’ve already worked on the intelligent personal assistant.


Nokia Ovi Diary

This is the design for a intelligent way to write a diary on Users could create the diary by voice when they need hand free. Also this system could record the weather, temperature, geography information and also users’mood when users take a picture. Later on when the users use the picture in their diary, all the associated information will also be added. This system could also record the locations that users had been to during the day and also could show people where their Ovi friends are.

Speech-to-Speech Translation

This is project is to do an interaction design for Nokia’s new language processing and translation technologies. I collaborated with another designer to design the UI and also made a video to show this how this thing works. This application could transfer speech in one language to the speech in another language. So that people who speak different languages could communicate directly through this application.

Bubble UI

This is a music player which I designed at Nokia. I used bubble as the theme to create an interesting user experience for people to listen and browse the music. Different color of the bubbles stands for different types of music. The group bubbles are the music albums. The bubbles in the water are the music in the playlist and bubbles in the air are the music library. User could swipe to browse more music or drag the bubble into the water to add to the playlist.