Style It

Role: Design and web front-end

Nov 2013 - Jul 2014

Take a picture of any item you like and see 10 beautiful matching outfits suggested by Style It using computer vision and machine learning. Edit the outfits easily to add your own taste. Browse the beautiful outfits created by the others and follow the stylist you like. Buy any items in the outfits and share the looks or items to your social networks.



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I worked with 3 engineers part-timely and I was the sole designer on the team, in charge of the product and design of the iPhone app, websites and marketing collaterals. I developed the marketing website.

The app was picked by Apple to be the "Best New App".

User problem

Everyone wants to look good in what he/she wears, but most people struggle at creating outfits because the lack of time, knowledge and confidence. Not everyone is good at creating outfits, but almost everyone knows whether an outfit looks good. Shopping without clear styling in mind leads to regretful decision.

User goal

User can create the beautiful outfits based on the item that she likes, quickly and effortlessly; User can easily modify the outfits to add her own tastes and preferences; User can show off her creations to her friends and public; User can buy, save for later or share any items in the outfits that she likes; User can follow her friends and the fashionistas that she love and won’t miss any new creations from them; User can build or join the fashion communities

Create looks

Take a picture of the item you like or pick an item from any website or your photo library

StyleIt comes back with ten beautiful looks which matches the item you like

Edit the look to add your own taste, swap the item you don't like

Add the comment and tags to the look

Trending looks

Check the popular looks created by the others. Follow the stylists you like.
Fill you closet with the items you like.


Find the outfits from the people or tags you are interested in.
Invite the facebook friends if you find they are not using Style It.


Check all the items you collected and build your own virtual closet. Never miss the updates from your friends or people you are interested in. Build your own profile and show off the outfits you created with the world.

Interaction flow


To help users better understand different clothes types. I made the icons for all the categories and collected feedbacks on our Facebook group.


Marketing website

I designed and developed the responsive Style It marketing website.