Yahoo! Frontpage on Tablet

Role: UX Designer

Aug 2011 - Oct 2011

As the increasing to tablet adoption, people spend more and more time on tablet. But the web experience is still desktop centric. This project aims to build a more compelling, personalized, addictive digital media experience on tablet, centered on content.



This is my first project at Yahoo!. I was the sole designer in the project. Within the three months, we simplified the header area, introduced navigation carousel for the hero stories, and created the inline reading experience, which was optimized for tablet. As a result, the usage jumped 40% on tablet.


The new navigation carousel gives users easier way to take a peek of more hot articles and quickly jump to the article catches their interests.

Inline reader

Inline reading experience give peolpe an optimized experience to read the articles on tablet, while still be able to get back to where they were quickly.

Inline reading day mode
Inline reading night mode

Text sizer     

Edge Case

Low resolution photo
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